A Simple Woman's Day Book for December 18, 2013

A Simple Woman's Day Book for December 18, 2013

Outside my window...the snow is melting.  The sky is a happy blue with bit, white, fluffy clouds.  The clouds have been making for some particularly impressive sunsets this past week.

I am thinking.... about Adam and how excited I am for him to come north for the holidays!  He arrives Monday.

I am thankful for... Matt not working evening shifts on a regular basis any more.  Since he is in the package shipping industry this is a pretty busy time of year for them.  As such he has been picking up some extra shifts.  That is all well and good on a sporadic, as-needed basis.  But, I am sure glad he is home to have dinner with me most of the time.

From the kitchen... we're making plans for special holiday treats!

I am wearing...  a long black skirt made by the grandmother of a friend and a silky, black paisley top with sandals (until I walk home at which point the outfit will be paired with my very 80's, grey, high-top snow boots with the Velcro closure and fabulous grip).

I am creating... a black dress, but very, very slowly. 

I am going... to enjoy the heck out of my 12 days off.  Oh.....man....am I looking forward to it.  

I am reading... The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks and 

On my mind... Siam Thai, my new favorite local restaurant.  My boss took us out to eat there yesterday as a sort of end of the semester thank you.  It was AMAZING.  I don't really eat out, but next time I do I know where I am going.

Around the house...  the pile of stuff destined for donation is always growing.  Where does this stuff some from?!  Its not like I am out shopping every other day....yet I never cease to have junk cluttering up my valuable space.  

One of my favorite things... is not wrapping presents.  Seriously.  This has to be my least favorite part of Christmas.  I love the lights, the music, the food, the warmth and time with family, finding a gift I know will be perfect for so-and-so, the cheer and general sense of good-will in the air.   I love pretty much everything about the holiday season.  But, boy does wrapping presents make me into a Grinch.  I am terrible at it and enjoy it not at all.  It nearly drove me to tears two nights ago.  But, the end is near.  I like gift bags.  Gift bags are where its at.  But, they're not nearly so fun to open.  So...I struggle on--and Matt swoops in to take over when he can tell I am being pushed over the edge.

A few plans for the rest of the week... are to wrap those three last presents, music and dancing Saturday, bake a little bread, sew some bandanas for Matt to tie-dye, and undoubtedly some reading and Scrabble.

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  1. Totally agree with you regarding gift wrapping. HATE IT!!!! It a CHORE, I LOATHE :) My husband doesn't understand why I have such intense negativity towards wrapping paper - but why would he as I don't think he has ever wrapped a gift in his life :)

    1. Its nice to know I am in good company! Thanks, Bean.


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