A New Dress, A New Pattern

Over the years I've made more than half a dozen versions of the same dress (Simplicity 2174).   Its a great dress for me and the different fabric patterns and materials make each dress look and feel different.  That said, I finally decided that maybe I should branch out and try a new style.  I was going to a weekend sewing retreat and was packing up some projects to work on.  I'd had a different Simplicity pattern--one from the Cynthia Rowley collection (1801)--for, oh, a couple years.  Time to try my hand at it, I figured.
I found a stretchy, sort of slinky, floral polyester in my stash that seemed like it would work--and make a nice dress, pretty with a good drape.  The pattern would force me to cover some new sewing territory in the way of neckline and a side-zipper which had to be installed around the pocket.  I also generally don't work with such stretchy fabric or add sleeves to my dresses.
It was a good learning experience--and I am reasonably pleased with the end result.  I really enjoy all the gathering around the waist and sleeves.  If I make it again I will add a couple inches to the length and bring the neckline up a bit.  Its a little low-cut for me, though nothing a tanktop underneath couldn't fix.

April 2016:  See here for an update on this dress, as I modified it an made it even better.


  1. Beautiful dress it looks really great on you


  2. It looks good on you! Isn't it great to have a style that you know suits you - and that you can make yourself.

  3. Thanks everyone! Its proven very comfy so far--and easy to layer for the coming cold weather. The side-zipper-pocket is a tiny bit wonky (probably only to me) so I'll have to try again...see if I can master it a little better.


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