Purple Cauliflower Cashew Awesomesauce

We grew our first respectable cauliflowers this year.  After years of growing little ones we finally got a fully--and it was a purple fully to boot.  Matt cannot remember its variety as it was part of a multi-color blend.  It was almost like cauliflower and broccoli had a baby.  It didn't taste like broccoli, but the fuzzy little flower heads were more broccoli-like than cauliflower usually is.  With the little guys we usually grow we can eat it in one go.  With this big guy we got a couple tasty meals out of it.  The last meal was garden-fresh roast veg with a super creamy cashew-cauliflower sauce (roasted cauliflower, cashews, nooch, and tamari).  It was pretty gosh-darn amazing over those homegrown vegetables.  I wonder if I'll ever grow less dazzled by an almost completely local meal.  I hope not.  I don't think so.


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