Book Review: I Draw On Cats

I got the funniest little "activity book" the other day through Blogging for Books.  It's called I Draw On Cats by A.R. Coffelt.  It is a dot-to-dot book themed pretty much exactly as the title would lead you to think.  Its dot-to-dots on top of photos of cats in poses that might make you think they are about to, oh, I don't know, eat a bowl of spaghetti or put on a jaunty hat and glasses.  It's silly, but it was fun, too.  And quick.  Dot-to-dots are quick.  I completed dozens in rapid succession.  It won't take long to complete the whole book.
The small, colorful book itself is rather odd in format.  All the pages pull out in one long accordion strand.  They are double sided and perforated so you can rip them out, presumably to share them with friends or hang them up--both of which I intend to do actually.  I've got a few cat-loving friends I thought might get a kick out of them as I did.
At first I was just using a black marker to connect the dots.  Quickly I realized that more colors would be needed for the cats to, well, look right.  Each page has dots to connect in addition to some lines that are already drawn.  The black marker looked super when the pre-drawn lines were also black.
Thing looked weird with black against the pre-drawn white lines however.  Ultimately I realized I could fill in the white lines with any color I choose.  I got out my bundle of washable markers and found that it worked well.  I made a boldly purple astrocat, possibly my favorite.
Though that Chariot Cat is a pretty close second.
I'm really looking forward to the one from the cover--Super Cat--I think I'll do that one next.  This book makes me wonder if Dot-to-Dots for Adults will be the next Coloring Books for Adults craze.  Seriously.  Those adult coloring books are just everywhere these days.
Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this book through the Blogging for Books  program.


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