Me-Made-May: Week Four+ Photo Round-Up and Recap

Well, goodness!  May is more than a week over--and so quickly!  Yellowstone trips, my birthdayWilderness Walks, and more and--zoom--it's June!  With that I offer the last week of Me Made May photos and some thoughts and reflections on my MMM '16 endeavor.

May 22:  There was another total record failure.  I cannot recall what I wore and there are no photos to help me out now. of my dresses, but that is all I know for sure.
May 23:  After a slow day at the office Matt's mom cooked me a special, belated birthday dinner.
May 24: I wore The First Dress with black base layer.  Frankly I was surprised to realize that this was the first appearance of this dress during MMM.  Its been well loved and worn since the day I made it. I guess some of the newer dresses must have edged it down the hierarchy of favorites though.
May 25:  I wore the Blue Floral With a Ruffle with a thick blue sweater over top and blue leggings.  It was a mellow day--work, cycling, and puttering around the house.
May 26:  I wore The Blue Dress Without a Pattern.  After cycling home from work I did a little bit of mowing in the yard before heading out to a belated birthday celebration at a local waterpark.  I love swimming.  So much so that I spaced taking a photo.  Ooops. 
May 27: I wore The Yellow Floral with a light denim shirt overtop.  We went downtown for some music and then stayed out quite late (for us) at our friend April's birthday party.  There were games and beers and a fire.  It was a lovely night to spend outdoors.
May 28 : At the last minute we decided to stay home over the long Memorial Day weekend.  Matt had tie-dye to work on.  The housework and garden had fallen a little behind.  So, on Saturday I slipped on the ubber-comfy Tie-Dye T-Shirt Dress (with a black base layer) and spent the day puttering around the house taking care of business.  I failed to take a photo though.
May 29:  I wore The Coordinated Dress, topped with the same blue sweater from May 25th.  The sweater is a really nice one which I luckily snagged at a clothes swaps years ago.  Matt continued to work on tie-dye for some quickly approaching gigs.  I taught myself how to brew beer since Matt hadn't had time to do so lately and we were all out.  I've helped him bottle in the past, but I've had very little hands on experience with the actual brew day activities.
May 30: As was the case on Saturday I wanted my most comfortable dress for the day of work I had planned.  As such, I selected The Tie-Dye T-Shirt Dress again.  We're in charge of the corn and vine crops at our community garden and we had a little work day planned.  I also finished up a thorough weeding of our home library collection, moving all the books upstairs and eliminating one large bookshelf entirely.
May 31:  It was hard to believe it was the end of the month, but all of the sudden I was picking out my last dress for Me Made May. The Blue Floral and Brown Wool Dress got the honors for the final day of the challenge.  I ended up leaving work early as my shoulder was really bothering me and making typing and deskwork a drag.  After cycling home (which was interesting) I spent the afternoon on the sofa with a book and a cat. 
All in all it was another fairly simple challenge.  I've sure made myself plenty of dresses over the years.  That is clear.  It was obvious to me that I have my favorites, my wear-again-immediately-after-its-out-of-the-laundry dresses, like the Yellow Floral or The Coordinated Dress.  Others I didn't touch the whole month long, namely the Earth Day Dress.  I only wore The First Dress once and The Blue Floral and Brown Wool Dress twice.

I will not attempt to take a photo every day again.  I am not sure it added much, at least from my end, and I just kept forgetting about it.  I am alright with that though.  I'm just not much of the "selfie" type, I guess.  Maybe with a group of friends sharing a super fun experience, but not just me standing around in a dress on a fairly ordinary Wednesday.

In reflecting on MMM '16 I've already put some thought into what challenge I might set myself for next year.  I am thinking of focusing on the act of daily sew in lieu of a what-to-wear challenge, which have been rather easy for me each year.  I think a task oriented challenge would be more, well, challenging.


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