Emerald Soup (Or I'd Have Never Thought....)

... that I would enjoy something called, "Cream of Spinach Soup."  I mean, it just doesn't sounds all that appealing to me.  It sounds too healthy.  It sounds like it wouldn't be filling.  But...I surprise even myself sometimes.  Its a superb addition to our recipe box--though I refuse to call it Cream of Spinach Soup.  No way.
It all started when every single shelf in our fridge contained bags, tubs, and even a large soup pot full of greens, namely spinach and bok choy.  I decided to flip though a few cookbooks and see if I could find a new recipe that would put gads of them to use and maybe even clear off a shelf in the fridge.  When I saw, "Spinach - Cream of Spinach Soup," in the index I was immediately dubious.  Still, we needed something for dinner and had everything it called for so....
As directed by the cookbook we found the soup a bit plain, but we've made it our own with a few adjustments and alterations and we quite like it.  Its got a surprisingly luscious mouthfeel on account of the tofu.  Not at all thin and watery like I might have imagined spinach soup to be.  Still, I rebranded it.  Emerald Soup has a more alluring ring to it, if you ask me.

We've served it with toasted cashews sprinkled on top or with fresh Navajo-style fried bread.  Make it even more filling by pairing it with some nice baked tofu.  The possibilities are endless.
Emerald Soup

1/4 - 1/2 onion, chopped
olive oil
3/4 - 1 lb fresh spinach
2 C vegetable broth

1 1/2 t cornstarch
3 - 6 oz tofu, any kind
1 t Italian seasoning
1/2 - 1 t salt  
(optional, see note below)
1 C additional vegetables (optional, see note below)

Saute the onion in olive oil for a few minutes, until translucent.  Alternately, skip the fresh onion and use a teaspoon of onion powder, if you prefer.
Add spinach and cover.  Cook about five minutes, until wilted.  Alternately, skip this step for a more raw, spinach packed flavor.
Place all ingredients in a blender/Vitamix and process until smooth.
If using a Vitamix just run at high speed for three or four minutes until the soup is steaming hot.  If using a regular blender, transfer the pureed soup to a pot on the stovetop and heat through.

We make our own vegetable broth which contains no added salt.  If using a store-bought variety likely you do not want to add the additional teaspoon of salt that is called for in the ingredients list.

Feel free to add in different vegetables.  Other greens in place of the spinach.  A chunk of bell pepper.  A handful of garlic scapes.  A spring of rosemary.  Keep in mind that adding too many different veggies may affect the bright green color for which the soup was named, but so long as it tastes good that's the bottom line.  All the additions we've made have played out well.
Its a nourishing, uplifting soup for a spring or summer day.  I mean, just looking at it makes me feel better.


  1. It sounds great. As you say, endless possibilities! But it's good to know you can do it. I made soup recently with sugar snaps and lettuce; nice and fresh.


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