No-Shop November 2017

Today is the first day of the now annual tradition that is No-Shop November (NSN).
And Matt is going to buy a beer kit.  Quite a start to not-shopping, am I right?!
Seriously though, aside from that one beer oversight we're off and running with No-Shop November.
Actually, I think it is going to be an especially posh No-Shop month.  Our cupboards are packed to the brim.  We knew we only had access to our favorites at the Good Earth for a limited time and since they had markdowns up to 50% off it seemed only logical to stock up as much as possible.  We're swimming in lentils and rice noodles.  The bathroom cabinets are well filled with lotion and essential oils and toothpaste, too.
The "rules" remain the same as last year.
No spending whatsoever with three exceptions.  Money spent on concert tickets and gas for the car doesn't count.  We're also permitted a small beer allowance if we go out to concerts.  The rest we'll have to make ourselves with supplies on hand, barter for, or make do without.
I revisited my all my earlier posts about NSN and since I had all the links handy I thought I might as well include the round-up for anyone who might have missed it in the past and wanted to get up to speed.  They're presented below.
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