Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Tribe - Inspiration Thursday

My dad inspires me with his generosity and service to humankind.

Hannah inspires me with her can-do attitude and childlike enthusiasm for life.
Ryan inspires me with the way he is so kind, patient, and thoughtful of others.

Alex inspires me with his unwavering focus to improving his craft and growing his community.
My mom inspires me with her encouraging attitude and her willingness to give anyone the benefit of a doubt.

Casey inspires me with the fierce and familial way she lives her friendships.
Tim inspires me with his soft-spoken, articulate, and respectful dialog with people even on controversial or charged topics.

Matt inspires me with the power of his internal drive and his ability to enjoy games even if he loses most of the time.
Penny inspires me for her I-Can-Do-Anything spirit.

Lisa inspires me with her ability to withhold judgement on people and live up to the Golden Rule as well as, basically, anyone I know.
Alli inspires me with her rock-solid grasp of numbers and her ability to remain cool and logical under emotional duress.

Sarah inspires me with her passion for teaching and education and the gifted way she is able to share it it with the world.
My grandmother inspires me with the tenacity with which she approached so many facets of life.

Roger inspires me with his budgetary and financial planning prowess.
Jess inspires me with her air of confidence.

Abby inspires me with the resolve of her political involvement.
Dallas inspires me by being able take the leap in order to chase her dreams.

Kris inspires me with how deeply she cares.
Josh inspires me with his curious nature and his desire to discover and experience fun, interesting new people, places, food, hobbies, and adventures.

Sharon inspires me with the close relationship she maintains with her sisters, despite the distance between them and her supportive ability to veganize all sort of recipes.
RaeLeigh inspires me with that steel-trap mind of hers.

Adam inspires me with his green thumb.
Memo inspires me with his (often) challenging personal debates and philosophical sparring matches.

My grandpa inspires me to "get off my lazy ass and move," more often and for as long as I am able.
Meagan inspires me with her never ending quest of self-discovery.

Michelle inspires me with the beauty she sees in unexpected places and for all the beauty she adds to the world through her art and the meals she serves.
Kelly and Brian inspire me because saving people's lives and dealing with their shit (often literally) is just another day at the office for them and yet they still maintain a sense of humor and goodwill towards humanity.

Derek inspires me with his patience and laid-back personality.
Chelsey inspires me with her craftiness and endless supply of uniquely special ideas, projects, and party themes.

Dana inspires me with her spotless and picture-perfect home and her eye for creating gorgeous flower gardens.
Jen inspires me with her willingness to endure in the name of making the world a better place.

Chantz inspires me with his growing bravery in the face of the unknown and the uncomfortable.
Bek inspires me with the sense of sisterhood she devotes to her closest friends.

Pen inspires me with her humble ways and her compassion for trees, birds, foxes, and all our other neighbors.
Jill inspires me with her fitness, sass, and determination.

April inspires me with her eye for beauty and aesthetics and the gentle way she interacts with the world.
Val inspires me with her ability to bring lightness and laughter to just about any situation.

Scott inspires me with the way he can make, fix, build, and be otherwise handy as all get out.
My tribe inspires the heck out of me.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more.


  1. Wow Beth!! You are so amazing and thoughtful!! I love YOU because you are so good at recording all of your/all of our crazy adventures! You are a class act and the world is better because you're here!!

    1. Well, well...thanks, friend!! I sure appreciate hearing that.

  2. Wow Beth!! You are so amazing and thoughtful!! I love YOU because you are so good at recording all of your/all of our crazy adventures! You are a class act and the world is better because you're here!!

  3. That's really wonderful! Thanks Beth!

  4. This is quite an impressive litany!

    1. I know some good folks. It was a great exercise in remembering just how great, too.

  5. I'm so inspired by your everything Beth. You are a grand woman and one of the two best hippies I know and Love.


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