Tales of a Very Reluctant Salad Eater

Hell might be freezing over as we speak.  For the people who know me best, well, you better sit down. 

*clears throat*  Hi.  My name is Beth and I actually like green salads.
Matt and I have longed joked that one of the reasons we knew we were meant to be together is that we were vegetarians who didn't like salads.  We could eat them sure, especially when it was the only vegan option available, but it was never something we'd prepare for ourselves.

Matt realized they weren't so bad at some point while he was working at the co-op.  He persistently, but gently encouraged me to explore the salad arena, but I was stubbornly resistant.

It made perfect sense to me how salads are a quick, easy, portable, and nutritious meal and I did want to eat more raw veg and leafy greens, but...

I don't like cold savory foods, with just a couple exeptions.
I don't like hardly any raw vegetables, especially lettuce.
I don't like cold, creamy sauces or condiments, especially if they're white-ish.

As such, I was just certain that I couldn't like salads.  Buuuuuuuut, it turns out that I actually do.

Michelle and Matt, two of my most highly valued culinary wizards, kept nudging me, encouraging me, inspiring me to think about salads differently.  Michelle actually blew my mind with what she defines as a salad making it all of the sudden seem reasonably feasible.

"Make a sweet potato salad with peanut dressing and green onions and corn and black beans and fresh red pepper for color."

Surprise, surprise!  I'd just been much too narrow and rigid in my thinking.  When I thought of salad I thought of the boring ranch covered iceberg salad bar concoctions of my youth.  Or of the even more horrifying potato or macaroni "salad" options that cause my nose to wrinkle in distaste.  I was limiting myself with all the I-don't-likes instead of focusing on ways I could make a salad that I actually would enjoy eating.

So what if iceberg lettuce is not for me?!  Spinach salads are amazing.  Even if I always think ranch dressing is gross there are so many other options!  Annie's Goddess dressing is pretty galled dang tasty, once I got over how it looked.  (Though I am in no way prepared to describe it as "drinkable.")

With that, I've become a salad eater (though I'll still probably balk if you give me iceberg).  I bet I've eaten more salad in the past month than I have in my entire life.  Not only am I adding more bright, beautiful veg to my diet, but I also cut down on my use of the microwave and take much more time chewing and eating my lunch or dinner...instead of just wolfing it down.  It has been surprisingly satisfying for me on all counts.

My current favorite is baby spinach with toasted sunflower seeds, marinated baked tofu, red bell pepper, and Goddess dressing--with a good twist of fresh black pepper.

My sister, Sarah, may be right.  I really CAN do anything I set my mind on.


  1. ...good for you...it's usually good to push our envelopes a bit...and your current fave sounds delish!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. I eat my vegan bowls of steamed veggies, and joke that really all it is, is a nice warm salad LOL.

    Eat your greens!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback and support, friends! I can't believe how much I enjoy salad. I can't believe how many different "salads" exist in this world! I was clearly selling myself short.


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