Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Happy Signs of Summer

I am enthralled with the seasons.  Each has myriad unique delights.  Each has its harbingers and these delight me so!  These signs and glimmers, hints and shouts of things to come.  Of change.
I've been smacked in the face with signs of summer this past week.  It gave me a smile to realize the varied nature of these signs, too--from sweet birds to yucky ticks.  Ha!  What a world!
I gaped with radiant eyes at the bright bunches of lemon yellow tulips on Monday.  These were the first in full bloom which I'd seen this year, joining the earlier spring flowers--the grape hyacinths, daffodils, and narcissus.
Matt and I went on a day trip to the prairie rimcountry east of town and collected no less than 20 ticks between us.  None actually in us, though.  Not my favorite sign of Summer's impending fullness, but an abundantly clear one none the less.
The garden is going--garlic and carrots are up, though small.  A garden just looks more like a garden with green shoots springing up from the earth though.  Matt has planted onions, greens, and peas, too.  I am trying to keep up with digging dandelions as they reveal themselves.
Ginger, a rather fair-weather gal,  is back outside hunting voles again.  I wish her luck.  We've never had much issue with vole damage, but they were sure busy in the yard over the winter this year.  I wonder if this may be due to the fact it was (literally) a record-breaking cold and snowy winter.  I'm not sure.
I don't have to wear socks every day, nor leggings.  Both bring me a sense of freedom and freshness.  Bare legs under my skirts feel so much like summer.  It is as if my skin is taking a much-needed deep breath of fresh air.  My naked toes wiggled in delight in the cool, damp earth this weeknd.
Our local downtown alliance announced the lineup for their free summer concert series.  Woohoo!
The birds are nesting, calling, showing off, and acting otherwise twitterpated.  This makes for some swell Bird TV.  A nuthatch is carving out a nesting cavity near the front door and a chickadee going back and forth with nesting materials to the small birdhouse out the front windows.  That chickadee is driving Johnny wild.
Matt and I paged through the calendar marking down camping trips, tie-dye gigs, family reunion, a concert weekend at the Gorge, weddings to attend, and so many other fun experiences that are down the pike.
Yes, yes.  Soon.  Summer is soon.  And I am excited.  Like always.
Photos: A Mishmash from 2016-2018.

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