The Prayer Song - Inspiration Thursday

"Drawn is my sword ready for the fight.  Strong is my heart.  Steady is my mind.  Hopeful are my thoughts.  Prayerful are my ways.  Thankful is my soul for every single day."

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This mantra helped me through some tough days last year.  Some days Wes Urbaniak's The Prayer Song was literally on repeat as I drove to the hospital to see Ryan and my grandmother.  It helped me gear myself up, mentally, for the day.  These words kept me strong.  They kept me hopeful.  It was fortunate that I'd picked up a copy of the Static Man album just in the nick of time, as it turned out.  Music is good for the troubled soul as much as for the joyful one.  I've been listening to Wes's new album again today, but Static Man will always have a special place in my heart because it came to me just when I needed it most.


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