Carrots and Clotheslines

Within the span of the last week we have:

After our exuberantly wintery winter, spring has come at last.  Sigh.  Contented sigh.  What a stupendous, magical time of year!
Other pleasing springtide observations:
  • The Flickers are ki-ki-ki-ki-ing from the treetops.  
  • I require a coat for the morning ride, but by the time I pedal home for the day it can be increasingly found stuffed into the one of my saddlebags.  
  • Seeds are sprouting in the greenhouse beds and garlic pushing up in the main garden.
  • We've opened the windows several times, airing the house after a cooped up winter.  It is so refreshing and clean.
  • It is often colder in the basement than outside again.
  • Ginger is starting to demand access to the backyard now that it is largely free of snow.
  • The greenhouse is a fantastic early season clubhouse.  I spent much of Saturday in there reading and basking in the 85 degrees.  
  • The fruit trees are starting to bud out.
  • As I write this--approaching 7:30pm, the increasing daylight linger yet.
I do so love Spring.  I'll have to meditate on that, actually, because I don't take to change well...and that is what Spring is all about.  That is her specialty.  I should remember that.


  1. I want to sit in the greenhouse!

    1. I am sure the produce will steal the show here in due time, but currently I am totally digging this clubhouse action. In December we hung Christmas lights and it was (unseasonably) warm enough that we got to have a mini-Christmas party in there, too.


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