Ginger Goes to the Dentist, Beth Cries Seventeen Times

I dropped Ginger off at the vet this morning.  She's having a tooth (or two) pulled, poor girl.  I wish I could explain it to her.  I felt retched leaving her there.  I cried, even though I'd given myself a peptalk about not crying at the vet's.  Again.
It isn't even like I think she will die or anything will go wrong, though I won't lie and pretend those extreme, worst-case scenarios haven't crossed my mind.  Even assuming everything goes perfectly though I still get all worked up.  Thinking about her being totally anesthetized is agony to me.  Thinking about her being in pain, getting stitches, about not being there for her, about her just hurts my (sensitive, cat-loving) heart.
Because I adore that cat.  She is an angel and the love we share is precious to me beyond all reason.  We worship each other unabashedly.
While she has gained confidence since living with us she is still my sweet, shy, scardy cat.  The one who taught Matt that "scardy cat" as an expression is based in a reality of feline behavior.  She is the one who beelines for the basement or under the bed when the doorbell rings, who comes to me when the thunder claps.  The one to whom we had to prove ourselves (in contrast to Johnny who immediately loved us and was right at home).  Ginger took almost a year to come around when Johnny moved in--and still occasionally has to show JD who is boss.  She's kind of a prissy little Queen Bee.   But she is our Queen Bee and we're going to miss her tonight in the bedtime cuddle puddle.
She is exceedingly leery of dogs, loud noises, new places, strange people, weird smells, other cats.  It was like dropping her off for the worst slumber party ever.  I hated it.
Still, her rotten tooth needs to go.  I hate the dentist, too.  (And I have to go next week...)  It is for her own good.  We're both being melodramatic.  I know that.  I'll say it again:  I know that.
And yet 10am tomorrow--when I can pick her up again--can't come soon enough.  I only hope her mouth feels better fast and that she forgives me just as readily.  I took tomorrow off so I could dote on her and butter her up all day.

Poor sweet GingerBaby.
All photos from January - March 2019
Footnote:  Ginger had to fast in advance of her appointment--8pm for food, midnight for water.  This meant fasting Johnny, too.  They were reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal impressed with us this morning, it goes without saying.  I am surprised Johnny didn't wake Matt up in the middle of the night, "Say, friend...did you know that someone took the food bowls away.  I figured you didn't so...."  They both shot daggers at us when we didn't give them breakfast immediately.  Girls after my own heart, they're very food oriented and routine driven.


  1. You’re such a sweet soul, Bethany. Hugs to that kitty when you pick her up!

  2. ...bless her heart...and yours too...I know how you feel...our Jack is 14 and had to have three teeth removed on his last vet visit...he was so disoriented when it was over...he was a trooper though...

    Very best wishes...and Peace be with you...

    1. 14! What a grand old man. I'm glad to hear his dental visit also went smoothly. (now I am off to learn how many teeth a dog has)

      Ginger "did very well" according to my vet. I guess cats are "more sensitive" to the anesthesia so they have to stay overnight (at least at my vet's). As such, I missed all of the dopey/disoriented phase. Which is probably a good thing. I did worry all evening though...

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Being the caretaker of another creature is so hard sometimes!! Especially a creature that can't understand your words and explanations :/
    Hope your Ginger is healthy and happy when you reunite tomorrow.

    1. The language barrier is the sticking point. I mean, if we could explain things to her we could just tell her to hold her mouth still and open while the vet yanks a tooth and we could have skipped the whole anesthetized sleepover all together. Alas. On the other hand, there are probably days I am glad I can't understand all her chatter. Pros and cons to all things.

      She is well. Sorta silly looking with her fatlip and no-fangs, but...

  4. I know just how you feel about your Ginger! We love our Dolly that way. I hope all will be well tomorrow. (I am having three wisdom teeth out in the morning!) :O

    1. Oh, goodness! I hope your extraction goes well! I do strongly dislike dental visits. I go...but I don't enjoy it one bit and just barely tolerate it.


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