Ginger's Wardrobe: Seasonal Kitty Cat Collars

I mailed off a couple of collars for my sister's kitty earlier this month.
Lisa had mentioned that Wicket needed a new collar and Ginger has quite a stash at this point on account of my vision for creating her a variety of collars for every season.  Ginger didn't quite end up with one per month, but there are still enough that I change them up at least quarterly.   She had enough to share!

Last week I finally swapped out Ginger's Christmas collar.  Oopsy!  Just when I think I have it all back in storage I find one more bit of holiday cheer that escaped getting put away.  :)
Some of my favorites from Ginger's seasonal collars.
We got a light dusting of snow last week and then it was (quite accurately) forecast to dump quite a bit more this week.  As such, I opted to adorn the Ginger-Kitty with her Wintery White collar.  I'm disappointed that I didn't have my act together so we've skipped right over her pink Valentine's Day one this year.  I'm not usually much for pink, but I think that one is pretty dang cute.  I really like the gold highlights that lend it a hint of sparkle.

In March she wears green for St. Patty's Day--and, I might add, the green goes really well with her red hair!  There are yellow-and-pink flowers perfect for both Spring and Easter.  She has a collar that matches my Tree Hugger Dress for Earth Day.  One of my personal favorites is the autumn leaves.  The earthy tones suit Ginger's coloring.  Plus, like the pink one, it has gold highlights which I particularly enjoy.
This is the sketch from my Sewing Notebook, to remind myself about the measurements and technique.    
The collars are a wonderful way to use scrap fabrics.  It takes such a tiny amount to make one.  I bought a selection of colorful break-away collar buckles and will have enough to last for a lifetime of (stylish) cats, I suspect.

Hey!  I might have just come up with the name for my autobiography--A Lifetime of Cats.  :)  


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...what an adorably good idea...I could make some for Kitten while she's here...Callie our stray outside cat goes through a lot of collars...I just buy the cheap ones...and take the bell off...I want anyone who encounters her to know that she 'belongs' she does quite a bit of roaming...the Man and I were just talking about seeing if we could 'tame' her enough to come inside...I can pet her quite easily now...and she seems to enjoy it...she purrs her little whisper purr...but if I bring her onto the back porch she still kind of freaks out...anywhoo...I don't think I want to put any nice homemade collars on her...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. Awwww, that's so kind that you figured out a way to make sure people knew that Callie has a homebase with you. <3 I adore the phrase "little whisper purr," by the way.


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