My Earth Day Dress (Not Just For Earth Day)

I finished a dress a couple weeks back which I realized I've never gotten around to posting about.
I hadn't gotten to sew for weeks with all the wedding preparations and summer tie-dye vending and the like.  There just hadn't been time.  Then, suddenly, two days before the wedding, I found myself with no tasks on my to-do list.  Matt was golfing with his brothers as part of his bachelor party.  The house was quiet, tidy, and ready for company.  So, I went into my craft room and started a new dress.  Gosh, I'd missed sewing.  I almost got the whole thing done in that one day.  It was so nice to get lost in the project.
I opted to make a second version of the vintage dress I knocked-off a few months back since I'd taken to it so well.  This time I used a modern, colorful, eco-themed print which was gifted to me by someone, my mom maybe?  I alternately call it my tree-hugger dress or my Earth Day dress because of the print.
This cotton fabric doesn't have quite as nice a drape as the vintage blend I used on the first one, but its still comfy and fits very well.  Plus, I enjoy all the bright trees and flowers and such.  And pockets!  Can't forget the pockets!  It was the first time I've ever tried to match up the print on my fabric.  It worked well on the front--the lines of text and trees match up almost perfectly.  I was very pleased.  The back is, well, not perfect at all, but, oh well, it was my first try.  At least its on the back.  As such, I've got to say that since I can't see it I don't think about it much.
It makes me happy to have such a growing collection of homemade dresses in my closet.


  1. OH! WOW! It turned out so nice! LOVE the theme!

  2. Oh, man! I love that dress! I love the print. I would be wearing that one all the time. I may have to look for that materiel.

  3. Thanks to you both! I like it a lot myself. Not as much as the first one, but still, quite a lot! Cristy I would venture to guess that the fabric came from JoAnn Fabrics.

  4. I love this dress and the fabric is so apt! Happy dress wearing!

    san x


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