Sunday, July 20, 2014

There Are No Turnip Fries at McDonald's

I'm not really sure I've ever eaten a turnip before this past week.  Maybe I have, but it certainly wasn't memorable if I did.  Since we like root vegetables in general however we figured we give them a shot in the garden.  We hear the overwinter well, too.  And you can eat the tops, too.
Funny story about the first time I tried turnips, or at least I think its a funny story.  We roasted the turnips with a bit of potato, too, until the were crisp on the edges and tender and fluffy in the middle.  We served them alongside falafel.  Uncharacteristically there were no vegetables on the side to add more color, flavor, and variety to our dinner.  As we were eating our tan-colored food I told Matt:  "Look at us.  We're practically eating a SAD (standard American diet) meal.  Fried protein and starch with no vegetables."  And then we laughed at how falafel and roasted turnip fries strikes me as pretty much the same as a fast-food dinner.   So, I guess its our take on what has come to be known as a standard American meal.  Its funny how distorted my mind is now from the girl who once thought a McChicken and fries was a perfectly acceptable meal choice.  McDonald's is a lifetime away.  But, still, it was a tasty (and amusing) treat as a one-off.
The turnips were delicious, too.  They have a very similar taste and feel to potatoes--at least when roasted.  We like the idea of "cutting" our potato dishes with other root veg.  The potatoes would last longer and we've have a wider variety of foods in our diet, which is the healthiest way to eat, if you ask me.  With variety.
Matt will be sowing another bed of them for a fall crop.


  1. I love turnips! I like them raw too. Grated on a salad is really good.

  2. Replies
    1. Well, we will have to try that will the fall crop. We've eaten up all that we have for the summer crop. But, good to know! We sure like our curries!


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