Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ginger: The Cat Who Stole My Heart

I still wish she was a little more cuddly, but none the less, man, has this cat stolen my heart.  Its amazing how they do that--work their way in so deep that suddenly I cannot imagine not having her to greet me at the door when I get home or when I get up in the morning.  Oh, Ginger.
Her little pink nose tickles my bare toes at the dinner table.  She flops on her back in the middle of the living room to entice belly rubs as we pass by.  She "stalks" me regularly through the house, sometimes actually making me jump in surprise.  She enjoys a good moth hunting expedition.  She weaves between my ankles while I sew and insists on "helping" me while I cut out fabric.  "Helping" includes trying to shred tissue paper pattern pieces.  She knows where all the best patches of sunshine to nap in are.  She grazes on "her" spider plant on the low bookshelf near the window, gnawing the leaves down to stubs.
She protests when the windows are closed and she can't take in the fresh, interesting-smelling air.  She is a fierce chaser of strings and balls.  She runs when her food dish is shaken, more so when Matt sings her the "Dinner Time, Ginger," song.  When we go away for the weekend she is my shadow when we get home, almost like she doesn't want to risk letting me out of sight lest I slip away again.
She loves Matt, too, but she knows that I am an absolute sucker for her so she favors me.  I will stop everything just to pet her because she is watching me so sweetly--how can I resist?!  She tolerates my holding her--and even enjoys it as evidenced by loud purring in my ear.  But, in general she only puts up with it for a few minutes at a time.  She would let me pet her--without holding her--for endless hours.  Yesterday morning she sat next to me on the sofa for a record-breaking five full minutes--until Matt got up and she had to check out what he was up to.  She is a very curious kitty.
And, gosh, do we love her.


  1. I wasn't much of a cat fan til I met my BF's. She's a "sweet killer" lol. Her way of showing love is hunting outside and bringing her prizes into the house *smh* I too wish she was more cuddling, and my dog Bella. Both like to be near me, i.e. at my feet, but not cuddle. The cuddler is the BF's German Shepherd HA!

  2. Bird killing is one of the main reasons why Ginger doesn't get to go outside, but oh, the poor luck of any moth that comes inside.... And I have found that big dogs have a remarkable tendency to believe themselves to be cuddly, lap-dog types. :)

  3. The BF installed a doggy door for his dog, and the cat has learned to use it. She even potties outside. I'm glad both pets are so self-sufficient (wish my dog would learn to use it by herself), BUT I don't like finding dead mice, chipmunks, and 1/2 dead (aka flying) birds in the house. Eeek!

    And yes, his dog is a definite lap dog. He thinks it's fun to lay on top of me while I'm laying down and weighs almost as much as me lol.

  4. OH SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! We love orange kitties too! Mr Tesla is not doing so good... sleeping a lot and acting very much like the old cat that he is. We will be so sad when he leaves us.

    1. You know, I always thought black-and-white cats were my favorite, but this redhead might soon have me convinced otherwise! I've always found Mr. Tesla to be a quite handsome cat, too. I don't know why orange kitties have always been second for me...I am partial to redhead everywhere else! But, like I said, Ginger may have be soon converted!


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