Morning Dew

Matt and I got up a little earlier than normal today so that we had time to dig potatoes before I had to head off to work at the library.  While we were out in the garden we noticed that the squash leaves had the most lovely and interesting dew patterns on them.  They droplets of dew were just around the edges--no dew at the center of the leaf at all.  I had to marvel at it for a while and then go get my camera to snap a few shot of the wee little droplets glistening in the morning sun.  It was amazing.  Life is full of tiny miracles if we take the time to notice them.
Wonders never cease.


  1. Beautiful photos. We certainly live in a large, diverse state. I probably won't dig potatoes for another 6 weeks here in the north. My tomatoes are doing very well though. I think it's the bokashi compost that's doing it. I'm currently reading a book I got through ILL called American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom. It's fascinating. I think you would love it. Your wedding pictures and choices were lovely. So many weddings are so over done, resulting in tons of stress on a day that should be happy and relaxed. Congratulations!

    1. I will have to look for that book. We don't have it, so I'd have to ILL it as well, but I read up on it online. It looks right up my alley. Thanks for the suggestion. We haven't dug all the potatoes yet, but one of our patches died back waaaaaaay ahead of the others. That's okay. It stretches out the potato harvest, I guess. Glad your garden grows well. Thanks for your kind words about the wedding. It was a magical day--totally happy and relaxed. Thanks. Have a great day!


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