Friday, July 11, 2014

Pummeling Energy Through a Didgeridoo - Xavier Rudd

I never really expected to see Xavier Rudd perform in person.  He pretty much never comes anywhere near Montana--Colorado would be the closest.  Or maybe Canada.  He is a international musician and an amazing one at that.  So, I never really expected he'd come here.  And then he did.  In fact, when Hannah told me he was playing a show in Montana I figured it must be a wild rumor.  But, it was true.
Hannah bought Matt and me tickets as a wedding present.  She even paid for our gas since the show, despite being in Montana, was still a five hours drive west of us.  And cooked us dinner, too.  It was a great present!  Experiences make such great gifts.
And this was quite the experience.
Xavier Rudd makes music that is packed with power, joy, and justice.  His connection and love of our mother earth and all her people is moving, uplifting, and, well, just darn inspiring.  His energy is remarkable and filled me up with goodness.  His didgeridoo rumbled my soul.  His words pound in my heart.
We've been trying not to travel so much for concerts this year, what with a wedding to plan and pay for all all that.  That has been a good plan considering we're still struggling to get the garden and tie-dye and everything back to normal.  But, with this road trip we quickly remembered how much we love it and need it.  How much it feeds us both in body and spirit.  The open road.  The starlight twinkling down on our sleeping bags.  The penetrating positive vibrations of sound.  The fellowship of dancing.
Oh, it revives me.  Joy.  Smiles.  Love.  Transcendence.  Trust.  Friendship.  Laughter.  Freedom.  Respect.  Promise.  Hope.

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