The Garden Grows, Despite the Heat

Potato blossoms with the greenhouse in the background.

We ate the last of the garden peas this week.  We ate the first of the red peppers on our pizza last Friday.  I'm actually not sure we've ever had ripe peppers and peas at the same time.  The weather has been whack though and we grew some very short-season peppers.  As I picked the last of the peas I told Matt I was shocked they were still producing at all, given it was an incredibly hot June and they're usually kinda wimpy about the heat. We're going to grow this variety again next year.  They seem resilient.

A basket of peas.  To my added satisfaction this basket is one I made myself, using a kit I got from my sister, Sarah, for Christmas 2019.  It didn't turn out especially pretty or even, but it holds produce just fine!

We'll eat the first eggplant any day now.  Zucchini, too.  The apple tree is so laden it officially touches the ground.  The grape vines are getting loaded up.  We've picked most of the currants and are starting to reap the raspberry bounty.  I froze some and we're going to make a batch of jam from the pairing.  Matt pulled the pea vines and planted a few cabbages.  The garlic has been harvested and trimmed for storage and beans planted in that bed.  

The apple tree is doing great this year.  Matt pruned it up really well this winter.  It has a wonderful, pickable shape and, boy oh boy, are we going to have lots to pick, seems like.

We bought an itty-bitty inflatable pool for the backyard on account of the relentlessly high 90-100 degree weather this past month.  That's more typical July-August weather and the fact that it crash landed in June made it seem like a wee pool would be a wise investment.  It is like a kiddy pool, but designed to be just perfect for up to three adults.  Low maintenance, high enjoyment.  Matt and I have refreshed ourselves nearly every day.  We had Casey over for a dip last weekend. We even had a Pizza Friday Pool Party a couple of weeks ago, grilling our pizza to avoid heating up the oven.  It is a fantastic addition to the yard.  We particularly enjoy watching the bees buzzing around the garden and the sparrows hunting grasshoppers across the lawn as we bask in the cool water and warm sunshine.  Ugh.  Grasshoppers and a heatwave.  It has been a bit of a double whammy.  The greenhouse has suffered particularly on both counts.  The plants in there look a bit haggard, but they're hanging in.

The first harvest of 2021 peppers.  They're a mini variety called Lunchbox.  They're perfect for snacking on raw and ripen so much faster than their larger counterparts.

I am sure thankful we set up drip irrigation from our ditch.  Last year was the trial run for the set-up, but it is really paying off this year with the drought and heat.  It saves so much time versus watering by hand and keeps the plants more consistently watered.  Plus, the birds, bees, wasps, butterflies, etc. all really enjoy the fact they can get a drink at their convenience.  Ginger even does it, lapping up muddy water if she can find a place where it has pooled in the dirt.

This swallowtail kept me company while I picked the last harvest of peas.  Isn't she beautiful?!

So, ups and downs as usual, but the garden grows!  

We were trying to channel a Norris Hot Springs vibe as we ate pizza poolside....or, you know, IN the pool.  Matt made it all on the grill so we didn't have to heat up the house either.  Win, win.


  1. Hi Beth,
    ...all your veg is gorgeous and y'all must be great gardeners...and the pool is such a good idea too...
    ~Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I give most of the credit to Matt (Head Gardener), but I (Assistant Gardener) have a lot of fun out there, too. We've been using the heck out of that pool.


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