Me-Made-May 2022

The Me-Made-May pledge I set last year proved so inspiring and enjoyable that I'm pretty much doing a repeat this year.

My Easter Vest has pretty fabulous pockets.

“I, Beth, aka BLD-in-MT pledge to dedicate more sewing time during May 2022.  I will complete four new sewing projects this month.  I will also tackle four items in my mending or unfinished projects basket.”

I sewed Matt's shirt out of white muslin (to ensure fit before using more beautiful and/or expensive fabric) and then Matt tie-dyed it.

I've been having tremendous good times in my sewing room already this year.  I hardly need the prompt to spend more time down there because I'm feeling so creative and inspired already.  I have so many ideas and projects I want to try that I'm nearly busting.  I made Matt a button-down-and-collared shirt that turned out so well I have a second one in the works already.  I've been playing around with paper piecing, something my mother suggested I look into years ago.  I did a dress-to-skirt alteration.  I made a sewing machine cover and have one in the works for the serger.  I made a vest for Easter and have a different style of vest partially completed.  I've made two hats, tweaking the pattern each time, in an attempt to make an acceptable replacement for Matt's beloved (and increasingly shabby) bucket hat.  Then, of course, there were my fabulous curtains!  

Hat Replacement Take One was too large all around, but particularly in the brim.  It is a nice sun hat though.  I might yet add some decorative and/or colorful flourishes to the crown to jazz it up a bit.

For my backstory with the Me-Made-May challenge read on at the links below:

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  • MMM14 (Wear only handmade garments.)


  1. Awww Beth!...You make the CUTEST things...I love your hat...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! I have a real good time at it.


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