Family Weekend in Minnesota

Our caravan hit the road under some fantastic clouds.
The golfers.
Uncle Lyle lights off the canon to get the games underway.  It was loud and caught Sharon (MIL), Jen and I off guard....despite the fact we were waiting for it.


Team Schatzke.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day out.

Roger protested, but his sister-in-law put it on him none the less.  He tolerated it, but was not impressed.  : )  He really isn't the feather boa type....

My mother in law, me, and Aunt Verna

In almost all the photos of him swinging Ryan has an I-am-going-to-show-this-ball-who-is-boss sort of facial expression.

Kisses and her chauffeur.

Grandma Vi checking out Matt's hat.

We made a meandering route back across North Dakota in order to hit a few National Wildlife Refuges.  Ummmm...well, we didn't get to go to this one for obvious reasons....

At the Audubon NWR we saw Double-Crested Cormorants gathering nesting material.   We'd never seen cormorants before.
Bufflehead pair.

Good trip all around.  Beautiful scenery.  Gorgeous weather.  Tasty food.  New birds.   And most importantly, fun with family. 


  1. It looks like everyone had a hoot! I love that sky gorgeous.

  2. I didn't see a frown ALL weekend. Everyone had a blast. The weather cooperated amazingly. Last year it was freezing!

  3. 1) Matt looks very pleased to be driving that little golf cart.
    2) That picture of you & Matt is so dear!

  4. 1) I think he really was!
    2) Aw, thanks Darci.


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