Mushrooms and Mother-in-Law

It has been a snowy, rainy, cold spring here in Montana.  Maybe that is the way spring always is, but it sure seems like its been wetter than normal.  In any case, I must confess I am, apparently, not used to it.  We had record breaking rain this week.  Several counties are dealing with flooding.  There is water seeping into the basement of the library.  Still, Montana is always so dry we can hardly complain about things.  But, we do anyways.  : ) 

Matt is just dying to get out planting in the garden.  I am aching for barefoot weather.  The yard looks like a jungle because its been too wet to mow while the grass/weeds have been taking advantage of the moisture and are growing wild.  The birds are soggy feathered at the feeder.   I've got clothes hanging in the basement that would be done by now if I could put them outside.  Oh well, nothing major and I am sure this will all help the increasing amount of green.

I know a student from London who described the dreary rain that had been weeping for the past couple days as "lovely," so I suppose it is all what we are used to, as well as a matter of attitude.  Kaila thought it was shorts weather.  She is from Oregon....  I will just have to work on my attitude. 

This afternoon the clouds broke to reveal that beautiful, blue Montana sky that I knew was hidden up there all along.  (Which makes me happy for a variety of reasons one of which is that I'd hate to have Seattle weather when my sister is visiting.  Though it seems to by snowy Montanan weather every time I go to visit her in Seattle so maybe that would be fair!)  Hooray for riding bicycle in the sunshine instead of a drizzle!

Chapstick added for scale.

My mother-in-law called this morning right before I left for work to share a few of nature's delights with Matt and I.  One of them was a huge mass of mushroom growing down the street from my house.  Because of the moisture there are mushrooms sprouting up everywhere.  Matt and I stopped on our bicycle ride to work to check it out.  It was pretty impressive.  It also made me feel all sentimental and appreciative that Sharon thought to share it with us.  She knows us well.  It was totally the sort of thing we'd appreciate.  I sure lucked out with that mother-in-law....


  1. I grew up in Vancouver,BC so sometimes..I like it when it rains. BUT mostly, I prefer the sun:) Too many days of rain are not good for mental health!

    The mushrooms look like a pair of fox kits(pups?) curled up together.

  2. That is a HUGE mushroom. Will it grab you and eat you?

  3. Ha! It was so big it very well might have! I kept myself at a safe distance....


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