More photos from my week of birthday-family celebration continue with Saturday , May 14th:

Keleigh giving Uncle Matt a hand watering the greens.
I really like this shot because the kids were so darn eager to help in the garden and Eli is watching Matt with what to me seemed bordering on idol worship....  : )
Happy sisters.
Lisa and dad in the glorious sunshine!
Grandpa and the young'ins.
One happy little gardener.
And yet another!

We had a tea and fruit picnic in the backyard.
Homemade applesauce, fresh pineapple and pears.

Eli, ever so carefully pouring milk into his tea cup.
Its too bad Eli's face is perfectly hidden behind Lisa's tea cup, but the photo is swell none the less.
Matt and his little band, note the harmonic player hidden under the table.

Eli loves to be barefoot and so do I.
Kids are fascinated by my big book.
Art time.  We drew photos of flying kites because it wasn't windy enough to fly the real thing.

Keleigh always helps me cook dinner when she visits.
Apples to Apples is one of my favorite games of all time.  It is even more fun the more folks you get to play.  It always makes me laugh and laugh and laugh...
The kids stopped amusing themselves and wanted to join in on Apples to Apples.  They both thought they needed to sit in my lap, which increased the challenge of the game for me I must say.  For some reason Keleigh is licking Eli in this photo and it makes me smile.  Kids are so silly and fun.


  1. What a fun filled day! Thanks for sharing in the fun!

  2. Nice photos of all the fun. AND, your father does not look old enough to have girls your ages. Well, I am assuming you are all not teens.

  3. Well I will be sure to tell him that! No, no teens here. I am "the baby" of the family and was celebrating my 27th birthday.

    Thanks and hope your day is lovely!


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