Easter Family Time

I've been meaning to post these for a couple weeks now.... 

Keleigh and I model our the matching skirts I made us.
Somehow this was us pretending to be plants....don't ask me...ask the child...

Drinking snow after all that running around!

The tiny fish were pretty amazing.
We made quite a batch of snow-pepper soup. 
It is hard to believe that this the same pasture as the one all snow covered in the photos above.  Oh, the difference a day  (and a little sunshine) can make!
If Auntie Beth is barefoot then Keleigh insists on being barefoot too.
Keleigh checking out the Stokke's rock collection while, I might add, wearing an oven mitt as a boot.
Mama and Sarah playing a little Golf.  The only Golf the three of us play.

I guess we were having some sister fun...
Suzette plays while we gather 'round to sing. 

Sarah has written a piano tune that I enjoy very much.  I never got the knack for piano....

It was a wonderful time to gather for fun and family.  The sunshine and green things growing really made it seem like Easter.  But, it really seems like Easter because we were altogether as a family.  It seems to me that families are getting scattered about the country and that can make it hard to get together.    Even something as simple as the fact that Montana is so very huge can make it difficult for everyone to gather.  While there were certainly folks I missed, like my eldest sister Lisa,  I felt so very lucky to be able to spend time with those able to be there.  As I grow up it becomes all the clearer to me just how special and important family is.


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