Meet my Friend Green Man!

So I have this friend named Green Man.  Okay, maybe that is his clever superhero alias, but he is my real-life friend.
Green Man and his wife are some of the most down-to-earth, smart, funny and ecological people I've had the pleasure to meet. They also make beautiful music that they write themselves.
In many ways I can see in them what I hope Matt and I will be down the road.  The are an inspiration to me and through their non-profit Museco, many others. 
They have been my go-to for ecological lifestyle questions on many occasions and always answer thoughtfully and thoroughly. 

I love that they have a humorous take on being more eco-savvy.  So often the environmental movement is pegged as one that is a downer or all serious.  That is understandable since ecological crisis is serious business.  Still if we are painted only as martyrs suffering and sacrificing for our cause I somehow doubt it will grab the necessary people. 

I don't feel my lifestyle is a sacrifice.  I feel is it a joy to be so aware and connected to my natural surroundings.  To be doing my part to live in greater harmony with this amazing planet.  I feel that I am the lucky one.  I can see that same joy in the Green Man videos as well.  You can tell the Green Man and his family are not suffering, but celebrating.  I think that is an important message in the environmental movement.  One that we don't hear often enough. 


  1. Thanks for the vids, Bether! I love your blog, it's always very entertaining and informative. :D

  2. BLD, this is an excellent post. Thanks for the Green Man videos. Once, someone felt sorry for me because I did not buy or use paper towels. I don't think I quite ever got it through to them that I was not suffereing. They would bring me paper towels when I had my once-a-month party/gathering. Actually, I now don't use tp and still don't suffer. During the tornado aftermath I did switch back to tp for a couple of weeks. LOL...I do keep a stash of tp for company.

  3. Thanks to you both. I am glad you enjoy the post.

    Ellipses- You must know me in the 3D world? Is this Lisa? Not too many folks call me Bether. In any case, I'll feel the blog is a complete success if I know it is making people think and making people smile. What more could I hope for?!

    Parsimony - I find it liberating to be able to do with less. It makes me feel quite resourceful. Also, a person isn't as tied down to all that stuff that one thinks they "need" in order to be happy. Doesn't sound like suffering at all, but quite the opposite. It seems the consumer-types are the ones who suffer more when they do not have these paper towels or Starbucks coffee that they feel they "need" or struggling to afford and procure them. Simple needs and desires makes it easier (at least for me) to live happy.

  4. Love these videos! I'm now an official fan of Green Man!

  5. I'll tell the Green Man he has a fan all the way down in Texas the next time I see him. He'll probably get a kick out of that.


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