Photos from my week of  of birthday-family celebration continue with Friday, May 13th:

With a mower like that who wouldn't want to help Uncle Matt?!
Matt was cutting as fast as possible so the dandelion heads went flying to Eli's delight.
More frisbee.
I think it looks really neat how you can see he puts his whole body into the throw.

Pretty flower were popping up in all the flower beds we passed on our walk.

Eli with my book and glasses.  I think little kids in glasses are just too cute for words.
Then he had to try on everyone's glasses!  Moms....
And grandpas.
I love that contemplative look. 
My dad performed magic tricks that I enjoyed as a child (and still do).  Since it involves math and counting cards it is still pretty magical to me. 
Keleigh likes to play with these feathers I have in my toy box.  She flaps her arms and pretends she is a bird.  It warms my bird-loving, Keleigh-loving heart.
My backyard saw more activity in this week than it had seen in a long time.

Since my house is so very small a hotel was in order to accommodate everyone.  That meant it was swimming time!  I don't swim much so it is always a real treat for me.  And well, kids always want to swim so it was a real treat for them too.
Sarah and Keleigh make a splash landing at the water slide.
Dad went down the slides headfirst...what a rebel.
Family pool portrait....too bad the lighting was so poor.  Still, you can tell we are all happy through the dim.


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