Garden 2011 Photo Update

 On such a rainy, rainy day I thought a few snapshots of our gardening endeavors was in order. 
These tomatoes have been growing for months under a light in our dining room.  They are getting so big we'd really like to move them outside if only it would stop raining long enough for the garden to dry out.  Matt planted a couple (see below) with the help of the children while my family was visiting.  Apparently that was out window and we should have gotten all of them out.  We were still fearful it was getting too cold in the evenings yet so we didn't.  Now it is pouring again.  All in due time....
Matt plans to give some of them away to his brother, Ryan, who is putting in a garden at his place this year.
The basil in the foreground is officially dead.  I knocked the pot over and basically destroyed them.  We tried to replant and salvage them, but the damage was apparently done.  We did manage to get the cauliflower (see below) out into the garden while my sister was around as well.
Wee carrots coming up.
Tomatoes in the rear and cauliflower in the front.
Onions and garlic.
Leafy greens on the left and peas on the right.
The front plots.
Greens, from another vantage point.
Peas, and they have really taken off in the last couple days, especially the snow peas.


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