National Jukebox

The Library of Congress just released a bunch of historical music and audio recordings in the form of the National Jukebox.  There is a tremendous variety of music in there all freely accessible.  I made myself a little playlist and have spent the morning listening to old, old country/folk tunes.  Awesome. 

At home we have an XM radio (on a free extended, extended loan from friend) and I must say I spend most of my time listening to '40's on 4.  I get such a kick out of old music.  It is so peppy and cheerful for the most part.  I joke that with the '40's muisc it was a matter of having a war on and needing cheer.  They have such good horns and big band sound.  They frequently use instruments that I don't hear much these days, like accordion or mouth harp.  Sometimes they are down right hilarious lyrically ("Oh, Buttermilk sky....").  Also there is a lot of history in there as well.  The WWII war tunes are particularly interesting to me.  Check it out if this is at all up your alley.  I will warn you that some of them have the classic hiss that is frequently captured in older tunes.  That doesn't bother me, but I know it does drive some people batty.


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