Beautiful Birds and A Beautiful Woman

Matt and took a break from the unpacking and cleaning to take a little walk at Riverfront Park, one of our favorite places in town for a stroll. 
There are small lakes and ponds which are always plentiful with waterfowl.  Canada geese, mallards, a wood duck, strange hybrid ducks of various colors, great blue herons.  There are paths through the trees and shrubbery where countless birds call and flit past.  Black-capped chickadees, catbirds, yellow warblers, downy woodpeckers, yellow breasted chats.
We go bird watching there quite regularly.  Its the sort of place we can go for just an hour or for a whole day.  There are always wildlife to watch and beauty to behold.
On this particular trip we spotted beauty of a totally different sort that what we usually find out there.  A young Native American woman in full garb. 
She was standing by the lake shore performing sign language to Christian music which was loudly playing from a nearby vehicle.  Another woman was videotaping her.
Perhaps it is overly romantic of me, but I've always found the natives' style of dress so lovely and appealing. The beads, the feathers, the detail, the bells, the feel. We stopped to watch her and listen for a bit.
Set to music, with graceful, sweeping arm motions, with the wind shifting the streamers from her sleeves, and the glory of the sunshine and nature all around her I couldn't think of anything else but "beautiful."

The beautiful birds are always there, for which I am ever grateful for my world would be so much the worse without them, but this young woman stole the show for the day.  But, shhhhhhhh, don't tell my sweet avian friends.


  1. HOW WONDERFUL! That made for an extra special outing.

  2. Ah, yes, the birds and woman are beautiful. You are allowed to be overly-romantic! But, I don't think you are. It is good to appreciate beauty and grace whereever you/we find it.

    I love to happen upon a scene like you found today, maybe the only time that she ever was filmed there. Things like that make exploring worth it, not that the scenery and ducks don't count.

  3. Oh, very beautiful - all of it! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. What a wonderful spot you have found. Our Billings relatives have never mentioned it. My brother married a Billings girl. I will have to ask her about it.
    The Native American girl is gorgeous. How fortunate to find an extra lovely sight to see.

  5. Enjoyed this very much and I put you on my facebook! Little White Bird


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