A Few of My Favorite (indoor) Things

A window over the kitchen sink so I can watch the birds and the trees while I wash and so that strong natural light falls on the dishes making it much easier to do a good job.  In the old kitchen the sink was on an interior wall and the only light (both natural and electric) was all from behind you casting your shadow over the sink.  It was a bad set up.  While I realize that a window over the sink is very common, but I am absolutely in love with mine because I've been so long washing dishes in shadow.

A spacious side by side fridge and freezer where we can open the door ALL the way.  In the old kitchen the space and design was lacking in such a way that the fridge door was partially blocked by the counter making it harder to get to things on the right side or in the back.  I never realized what a pain it was until I got a new fridge with doors that swing open wide if need be.  The freezer was also large enough that we were able to empty our chest freezer into it as well.  We probably won't need the chest freezer except for in the peak of harvest season.

My mom was a big fan (no pun intended) of ceiling fans. She installed them in just about every room possible when I was growing up. I've recently learned that Matt is a big ceiling fan fan, too.  We have one over the bed which will be very well received on warmer nights so we aren't so tempted to crank up the central air conditioning that we now have access to.  I like the ceiling fans because just a slight breeze can make so much difference.

The whole front of the living room is windows.  After nearly six years in the rather dark rental (which had nine windows total) I am just beside myself with joy over the light.  I think my houseplants are pretty happy, too!  This photo in no way does the brightness of the living room justice.

There are lots of sunny windows in other rooms too, and hooks for the ceiling for plant baskets.  It makes me crazy happy for some reason.  I don't know if its just the sunniness or if there is more to it, but I am stoked.

A coat closet!  Right by the front door!  It is these little things, like the sink window, that make me the happiest. 

It was agreed on long before we bought the house that when we finally did find The One we were also going to buy a new bed--frame, mattress, and box spring.  Oh, man!  Matt and I both have been sleeping so incredibly good it is just unbelievable.  Even Matt is having a hard time prying himself from bed in the morning, which is pretty out of character for him.  We've never had a new bed together.  We'd been sleeping on an old mattress (from Matt's brother) on the floor for the last five years--no box spring, no frame, just the mattress.  So I probably don't need to say that we've seriously, seriously upgraded. 
We found a stereo cabinet for a very, very reasonable price at Goodwill.  I'm guessing there aren't as many people in the market for stereo cabinets as say, TV stands which were priced much higher.  It sure looks a lot sharper and now everything is better protected from dust.  Also now the end tables can actually be end tables again.
One of my mother's house-warming gift to me was a sewing table.  I am ridiculously happy to have a dedicated room for crafting and music making.  I am willing to bet I do a lot more sewing now that it is all set up and ready to go at any time.  It sure beats lugging everything out of the closet just to do a little mending or something.  Maybe I'll practice my flute more too as I've got the music stand ready and waiting in the corner by the window.  But, I've found little time for either so far as I've been pretty preoccupied with getting settled.


  1. Your new home looks fantastic! So much goodness there - love all that natural light :)

    1. Especially in contrast to the rental I am in natural light heaven! And I am so, so happy about that.

  2. What a comfortable, bright, and functional home. I'm mostly satisfied with ours (and when we remodeled the kitchen the sink stayed in front of the window), but foresee a time when it will be difficult for an aged couple to live in. As one who gets VERY attached to old things even if they don't work so well, this will be difficult for me.

    PS: Modelling was fine. The 2 students that invited me and the Prof made me feel very comfortable, and as a nature freak/hunter/meditator it was pretty easy to get in the zone for 2 hours in the morning (one potty break). Afternoon was tougher since the 2 students insisted on taking me out for a BIG lunch--luckily another art student had a great selection of American folk/folk-rock on his computer to keep me awake.

    1. Well, I just hope you and Mrs. Rover stay fit as fiddles and can enjoy your nice, ol' place for a long, long time.

      And thanks for answering my question. I bet it was a really interesting experience, one of countless over there.

  3. A new king-sized bed was one of the first things my husband and I bought. I toss and turn a lot and he snores, so it was a must-have for a good night's rest for us. Although I do wish were were a bit more frugal when it comes up "updating" our home.

  4. Love seeing little details from your house since I still haven't gotten to check it in person. Most of these little things I can seriously relate with, especially the kitchen sink window view and the bed situation!

    1. I don't know how I possibly tolerated doing dishes in that dark kitchen, staring at the cracked plaster wall. The window is WORLDS better.

      We can't WAIT to see you. As I mentioned in my other comment we were just talking about it yesterday. We were going to ask for concrete dates so that maybe Matt could take an evening off from work for more quality brother time.

      We'll call this week.


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