A Found Match

Matt has had a rather unremarkable, yet sturdy, wooden end table since before I met him.  Its always been a fixture in our living room from the first rental house to the apartment to the second rental house and now to our new home.  So, imagine my surprise and delight to find its identical matching pair left along the roadside half a block down from the new house the week we moved in.  I saw it on my bicycle ride to work and thought "If that's still there when I get home I am picking it up."  It still was and I did.  Now we have a matched set--perfect for housing the stereo.  And best of all, free.  I thought it was a bit uncanny.


  1. I love Good Karma Gifts - proves you've moved to the right place.

  2. Amazing! I love it when things happen like that. Of course, you were observant enough to notice the gift from the universe.

  3. Crazy! Love when things like that happen.


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