Buds and Snow

Just yesterday Matt was in the garden in shorts and a t-shirt spading up earth, pruning overgrown trees, removing debris left by the previous owner of our house.

We talked about how everything seemed to be budding out.  I'd noticed it on my walk on Friday.  The bushes that border our driveway were also covered in little buds of green.  Tulips are poking through in our new flowerbeds.

Spring seems to be here, though we never really had a winter to speak of this year.
This morning I woke to water dripping sometime around 3am.  I am not yet used to the noises of the new house and so I couldn't get past it-- fearing that a faucet was dripping or that something else might be leaking.  So I got up to investigate.  As I passed the window I realized the dripping was actually from rain. Cool.  I'd much prefer rain to snow at this point in the year.

I woke to ready myself for work around 6am and lo and behold.  It had snowed...and was still snowing.

The wee buds looked so much happier in the first two photos, don't you think?!

That's Montana for you, I suppose. 


  1. This has been the craziest year weather wise. We have had to turn our A/C on as the pollen is about to kill us. The temp is perfect to just have windows open but the pollen is just so thick you can watch it blow across the parking lot as I am leaving work. And everything is coated in a lovely shade of yellow - and I use "lovely" VERY loosely. Enjoy your white stuff!

  2. Such beautiful snow photos! We got about 2 inches and Maria reported 10 inches in Bozeman. Welcome Spring!


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