Val does the happy dance after putting on her new bumper sticker:  "It has become exceedingly clear, that our technology has surpassed our humanity."
Val's chess gameface.
Keleigh, playing in my back yard.  It was one of those days that was windy enough the bubbles kept blowing themselves, much to her delight.
And helping Matt clear out some overgrown flowerbeds.  My mother took us on a flowerbed walking tour pointing out all the perennials we had out there.  Matt and I know nearly nothing about flower gardening because we had such limited space at the rental we never really grew any.  Moms are an awesome resource for so many things.
Keleigh likes to be a foot stool, don't ask me why.
We had a couple visitors over the past week.  It was so nice to see them all and everyone is super excited for us about the new house, which is also nice.  I must confess that I don't mind "giving the tour" and showing it off a little.  We're so happy about it. 

My girlfriend Val who now lives all the way over in Arkansas was visiting her mother in Wyoming and was able to sneak off for a day to come play with me.  I likewise was able to sneak off from work for the afternoon to play with her.  We actually ended up visiting three other friends at their places of work because they aren't blessed with jobs where you can just take a day off on a whim like I am.  Man, I am so lucky in that regard. 

Then my mother, sister, and niece stopped by for the weekend and I was able to put the new spare bedroom to use.  Oh, it is awesome in a way I never expected to have a spare bedroom.  We did a bit of second-hand shopping, soaked in the hot tub, laughed, ate pizza, and in general had a good time together.

Goodness, I am blessed with fabulous friends and family.  And it is sure nice to have more room for them to come and stay!


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    1. I think the quote is attributed to Einstein. I thought it was pretty awesome myself.


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