Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Strange Clouds

I'm told the predictions are in for snow and cold starting tomorrow--with estimates of up to 6 inches of snow on Saturday.  Today is so sunny and nice so one would never know.  I'm not really ready for snow.  But its November so ready or not the time is coming.  It makes me really appreciate the nice weather to ride bicycle in while it still lasts.
The clouds were quite strange thing morning on the ride to work.  The were stretched out in long, thin lines--like contours-- that spanned the whole sky.  I had to stop and snap a photo.  


  1. Those are strange clouds. I don't think I have seen any quite like that.

    1. I have not either. BUNDLE UP! It does look like winter has finally arrived for all of us.

    2. It sure has, Becky! I don't know if I am ready, but ready or not here it comes!

  2. I wish I'd been able to capture it better photographically. They were really odd...lines of clouds...very odd.


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