The Who-Can-Have-the-Biggest-Mailer Contest

And this wasn't even all of them.
Thank goodness election day is over.  Maybe now I can open my mailbox without an exasperated sigh over all the wasted money and animosity --in the form of the (mostly) slam campaign mailers--that have been filling it up for weeks on end.  From what I heard I am just lucky I just don't watch commercial television.  Cheers for the end of the campaign trail!  Here is hoping we all made the right decisions for the future of our country. 


  1. I called exbf on Sunday, and he expressed how happy he was to receive a call from a real person. It seems he had gotten four political robocalls in two hours. Do you get those? I do and it really annoys me. Between that and the mailings, it is oppressive. I am happy it is over.

    It is too bad I did not save all my political mail and see exactly how much I received.

    1. I didn't get too many robocalls, but I heard from several others who did. I did have a couple end up talking to my answering machine, but I just clicked delete without listening. I am SO glad it is over.

      It was interesting to keep all the mailers and see what it amount to. I can't imagine all the money that those mailers represent. So much money in campaigning these days....


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