A Hook To Hang My Kettle On

We're still getting settled in the new house.  Moving this or that.  Rearranging a cupboard to bring regularly used objects into closer reach.  Perhaps we always will be.  It seems to change with the seasons.  What is conveniently located in summer could be needlessly in-the-way during the snowy season. 

Sometimes the little, tiny adjustments that I make around the house seem to have a positive effect that seems almost too large to accompany such a small change.  Like the tea kettle.  We'd never really been satisfied with the fact that the kettle had no permanent home aside from the stove top.  We were frequently having to move it to a different burner to get at the one we wanted to cook on.  It seemed to be in-the-way.  It was always needing wiped down, too, as it so often got splattered with oil or sauce as we cooked.  It just wasn't ideal.
So, we mounted a little hook on the wall right near the stove.  Now when the kettle is not all heated up and in use it has a happy home that is not so in-the-way, yet still quickly at the ready for when a nice cup of tea is desired.  A simple solution to a simple problem.  Sometimes its these little things that make my day.


  1. I just thought everyone kept their kettle on the stove, moved it, and wiped it down. Moving a kettle never seemed like much of an effort to me. You are happy with your new arrangement: so am I.

  2. oh, you clever thing! I am always doing the kettle shuffle and I'm not crazy about it either. Will have to ponder this. . .

    1. Gotta love a low-tech solution, right?! ...not that it was a huge deal, but as you said I just wasn't crazy about the kettle shuffle! : )


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