In Flight

I am flying on an airplane tonight.  Five years ago when I looked down on the tops of the Rocky Mountains I told myself I wasn't going to fly ever again.  I think there is something freakishly unnatural about looking directly down on the peaks of those giant mountains.  It felt...wrong.  It doesn't seem like you're not supposed to look down on mountains like that....   But, still, I'll be sitting in my window seat soon enough.

I am taking the plunge once more in order to visit my sister and her family out on the coast.  Its been too long and I miss them so often.  The price to fly was cheaper than the Greyhound bus (my usual mode of getting to the coast) and it goes without saying is considerably faster as well.  I am so very, very much looking forward to it.   Not the flying bit, but everything else about the trip. 

As a matter of coincidence I came across these photos today of Canada Geese in flight and landing.  I took them a few weeks back on one of our Riverfront Park walks.  It seemed fitting.
I like how the goose on the right has angled her/his neck in this photo.
Banking left!
Touching down.
Here is hoping I have an equally gentle landing and a lovely, uneventful flight through the clear, blue skies.


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