For Linda: The "Old Lady Church Dress"

After my Second-Hand Is Super post a couple weeks ago I promised Linda from Practical Parsimony that I'd show her a photo of the dress that was described by my friend as the "old lady church dress."  So, here ya go, Linda!  I think its the sheer sleeves more than anything else that earned it such a description.


  1. I see. I started laughing as soon as I saw the title. It is rather plain and lacking in modern pizazz as far as clothes go. Plain is okay and never is outdated. I do wear plain clothes.If it suits your sense of what you like on yourself, then it has plenty of style. I am glad you pointed out the sheer sleeves because it does not show up well in the picture when I am using my cataract eyes.

    It is a pretty blue. Love it. Thanks for showing me what an old church lady dress looks like. You can be the library lady in that dress.

  2. It is a perfect Library Lady dress! Yes, I think the "lacking in modern pizazz" is certainly another contributor to its being called Old Lady. It is all one color, for starters, which I rarely see. Also, from what I see there are lots of sequins, seed beads, studs, rhinestones, ribbons, buttons, ornamental pockets, and general "bling," on clothes I see worn that serve no function other than to jazz it up. That's fine if people like it, but I am a plain and simple person, so this plain blue dress struck me as lovely....not old lady...but I guess that just goes to prove that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. Oh and I am so glad I could give you a laugh! I had a little laugh myself explaining to Matt why I needed him to take my picture!

  4. So...funny follow-up.

    I was at the Catholic church on Sunday for a Christmas concert. Whilst there I got a great compliment on my "beautiful dress" from an elderly woman. I had to laugh.

  5. This is too funny! I recently had a professional photo session where I wore a maxi dress (which are very in style these days). I gave one of the photos to my grandpa for Christmas and he just couldn't believe why I would wear such an "old lady" dress!

    1. Ah, all comes and goes and comes back again.


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