Kidney Bean Kiev

Its crazy to say, but when I first became vegetarian I didn't like beans.  Not at all.  Well, obviously that had to change.  So, as a delicious way to teach me that bean are, in fact, very tasty (not to mention cheap, easy, and versatile) Matt found this recipe for Kidney Bean Kiev.  That is, kidney bean patties with scrumptious garlic butter in the middle that oozes out wonderfully with every bite.  That was where my love of beans got its roots. 

We don't make full fledged Kidney Bean Kiev all that often, but we do eat basic kidney bean patties with regularity.  They are good on a bun or just as a "meaty" centerpiece to a meal.  They, of course, are good pressed together with garlic butter in the middle, too.    Or even just garlic butter on the side for dipping...a kind of shortcut Kiev.
Basic Kidney Bean Burgers

1/2 C onion
1 clove garlic
2 C kidney beans, cooked
2 T cornmeal
3T flour
2 t Italian herbs
salt to taste

Process onion and garlic in food processor until well chopped.
Add remaining ingredients and process until it starts to form a thick mixture.  This will take several minutes and you also want to be sure that the bean skins and onions are broken down enough for your liking.  You may have to scrape down the sides as you go.
It should result in a thick mixture that is able to be formed into balls that don't stick like crazy to your hands.  That is Matt's little test to make sure they are the right consistency.
Put into a bowl and cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes as it is much easier to form the patties when the mixture has been cooled.
Form and fry.

To make the actual Kidney Bean Kiev you form the patties as above, but before you fry them you take two patties and press them together with a little garlic butter in the middle.  That makes the thick, delicious, buttery, double patties of the Kidney Bean Kiev.   See photos below.
Matt, forming the patties around the garlic butter.

I like beans in just about every way, shape, and form now (except refried which I still cannot get on board with)  But, these fried bean patties will always be one of my most favorites.  But, they are fried after that is probably not too surprising.


  1. If I could get past the kidney bean taste or mouth feel, these would be delicious. And, I am not a vegetarian.

    1. Kidney beans are not Matt's favorite bean. He thinks the skin is too thick. I absolutely LOVE them. They're my favorite bean, I bet. Maybe chickpeas.

  2. I will have to give these a try. Sounds good with the butter. I make black bean burgers which are really good too. We just got into the beans here in our household, started out with canned, then just recently started cooking up the dried....i wont go back to canned if i can help it...mine came out too good :-) Love your recipes, going to try out your lentil sloppy joes next. thanks!

    1. That was our progression, too, and I think once you go dried (and see how cheap it is!) you never go back. Though we do like to keep a can of pre-cooked beans around for use in a pinch when we haven't planned ahead enough.

      I hope you like the sloppy joes. It is one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for stopping by!


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