Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Simple Bride's Day Book for June 17, 2014

A Simple Bride's Day Book for June 17, 2014

Outside my window... it is rain and grey.  Again.  It was a pretty sunny and blue afternoon despite an overcast sky drizzling rain when I first woke up.  Its been such a rainy June.  But, oh my is everything green and lovely as a result.  Matt and I are getting married in the trees.  It will be beautiful.  And we have a Plan B in case of rain....but we're just banking on sunshine for the Solstice.

I am thinking....how truly blessed I am to have most of my family so close by.  I have a huge Catholic family.  But, they almost all live in Montana.  I grew up spending weeks with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We have a family reunion  almost every year.  Its amazing that we've kept so close in proximity which allows us to stay closer in each others hearts, too, I think. 

I am thankful for...my family.  The one I was born to and the one I'm marrying into.  They're both awesome.  I am super excited for so many of them to be together in one place this weekend.  

From the kitchen... the food processor is whizzing up batch after batch of yummy nut cheese for the reception.  We sampled a bit last night.  It was superb.

I am wearing...my mom's wedding dress from when she married my dad in 1977.  It was sewn by grandmother.  I am a highly sentimental type so that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Plus, it fits kind of like it was made for me.  We did alter it slightly as that big ol' 70's collar had to go and the sleeves were a little too short so we made them 3/4 length sleeves instead.  

I am creating... a new signature.  Its harder than I expected.  My current last name is so short and easy to write in cursive.  My new last name is longer and requires a cursive Z in the middle which I do not excel at.  I keep being told to just go the squiggle route--you know, write in the first letter or two and finish it off with a squiggle.  But, I just don't like that.  So, I am practicing.

I am going... to the southwest for the first time on our honeymoon.  We're going to see at least three new national parks.  Well, Matt saw them as a youth, but doesn't have the clearest of recollections about them all.  And they will be totally new to me.  But, we're not going for a few months.  Who wants to go to the desert in June or July?  Not me or Matt, that is for sure.

I am reading... nothing.  Whoa....that felt weird to even type.  I finished the Harry Potter series last night and doubt I'll get seriously into a book until after the festivities of the weekend and all my friends and family have migrated back home again.  Harry Potter was good, just like everyone always said it was.  I'm glad to have read it and also glad to be able to read something new again.  Those books are pretty long even if they do read fast!

On my mind...
about the wedding.  It sure has been in my thoughts a lot in these final weeks before the Big Day.  I'm not really nervous, well just a teensy bit.  Neither of us are usually the type to make ourselves the center of attention like this.  Plus, it IS the biggest social gathering we've ever attempted to organize.  We're more comfortable with the dinner party or BBQ for a dozen.   I am really excited though.  And ready.  Ready to enjoy the day that has been so long in the planning.  Its going to be great.  I am not worried about that at all.

Around the house... things are looking spiffy in preparation of company.  Well, except that tower of wedding stuff that has accumulated in the craft room.  I don't think that looks too spiffy, but it will be carted off to the reception hall soon enough.  And I will be glad to have my table back!  And time to sew!

One of my favorite things... that Matt did all the research into recyclable/compostable plates, glasses, napkins, etc. for the reception   And that he has a plan for composting and recycling nearly all the wedding day waste--without making our guest have to sort anything.  I'd been worrying about compromised values in this regard when it comes to cooking and serving food and drink on such a large scale, but he just took care of it all.  Its important to him, too, and he knew I'd been worrying about it because its so important to me.  He didn't want it to be even a tiny source of displeasure on our big day.

A few plans for the rest of the week... time with Adam who flies in late tonight and then with aunts, parents, sisters, cousins, and friends who start trickling in through Saturday.  Plus, food shopping and prep work, hall set up, and undoubtedly a number of other odds and ends.  But, with the helpful hands of that super awesome family I mentioned I think it will be pretty simple.

A small window into my life...
The beaming bride-to-be at the bridal shower thrown by my great-aunt and cousin.  Photo credit to Kris Prinzing.
 This format come from the Simple Woman blog.


  1. I LOVE this post! I'm surprised you hadn't read HP up until now. I literally "grew up" with the characters. Books were released in 1997, I was 11 then (as were the main characters). I envy your large family close by, what a blessing. And how nice you can wear your mother's wedding dress. My Mom married in Vegas and wore a floral frock of sorts.

    I did not realize your wedding is Saturday! Woot! Please post photos & lots of details, I love details lol :)

  2. Have an absolutely fantastic day!

    I am also reading HP for the first time, to my 7yr old son, we both love it!


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