Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Will Matter - Inspiration Thursday

"When you are in the final days of your life what will you want?  Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame?  Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car?  Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement?  Of course not.  What will matter then will be people.  If relationships will matter most then shouldn't they matter most now?" - Max Lucado
Catching up with my sweet friend, Autumn, whom I'd not seen in over four years.  4/17/2014 
Ryan and Matt helped Roger put up a shed in the back yard. 4/6/2014
Sean and Josh being silly at the Solstice Party.  6/21/2013
Keleigh has so much fun helping her Uncle Matt in the garden. 4/19/2014
Going out for Halloween with our friends, Casey and Kelly.  10/31/2014
Keleigh dressed in my clothes after playing in the sprinkler...or watering the garden that got a little wild, whatever.  4/19/2014
Playing silly--and hilarious--board games at Jen K's house.  5/1/2014
My uncle Steve photobombing us at my cousin Patrick's wedding7/20/2013
Spending time on the farm with Jesscy.  5/4/2014
A happy family photo from my cousin Leah's graduation party.  Photo credit to Megan Cozza. 5/3/2014
Hanging with my friends, including the lovely Hannah and Chelsey, after a Fruition show.  4/8/2014

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  1. You seem to have such a full, rich life!


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