Ginger Loves (to eat) Sunflowers

Ginger has a fondness for eating plants that doesn't make much sense to me since biologically cats are carnivores.  Dogs are omnivores, like us, so I am not surprised to see a dog chowing down on grass as well as kibble.   But, cats, for whatever reason, do it, too.  Catnip being the most well-known vegetative feline indulgence.  I should do a little reading about that.  I bet it would be interesting.  Most things about the workings of nature and fuzzy critters are.
Ginger likes catnip.  She like sunflowers.  She likes corn stalks.  She like herbs.  She really, really likes spider plants.  They are by far her favorite greenery to nibble.  Sometimes she eats the leaves down to the nub and has killed many a spider plant this way.  Fortunately the spider plants quickly repopulate with those spider babies they put out.  She leaves my philodendron alone--which is all I've asked of her.  I figure since I won't let her outside I cannot complain too much about her tendency to make use of the "native" plant life in her little domesticated world.  Plus, it was pretty fun to watch her slurp up the golden sunflower petals one by one.


  1. Corn stalks! So does our little Cindy! Well, I'll be. It is funny the things they like, but Cindy's gastronomic adventures are surprising to us. I haven't tried sunflowers on her - don't think I will! :)

    1. I've never had a cat with such interest in eating plant life. But, I've never had a cat that was exclusively indoors either...maybe they were out in the world eating leaves left and right and I just never saw it.


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