Green Smoothies

From what I gather, most people I know could stand to eat more green things.  I am frequently one of those most people.
I like my veggies, don't get me wrong, but I'm much more keen on red peppers, onions, butternut squash and the like than kale, chard, brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc.   Its easy for me to eat red, yellow, orange, white, blue.  Sometimes I still struggle with green.
I have found some green food which I like.  Spinach, for example, I enjoy both raw and wilted.  Peas are good.  Asparagus is amazing.  I enjoy the way cabbage tastes, but not how it smells, particularly while it is cooking.  But, we still felt like we could try to eat more green things.  I don't care much for the nutritionism behind why they're good for me--antioxidants, folate, iron, vitaminsm, etc.  And I don't have to care.  I just know that I feel better in my body (arthritis pain, sleep, weight) when I am eating more of a wide rainbow of colors, especially my greens, than say, an abundance of tan-colored foods.  Mmmmmm....delicious tan-colored I love thee...
But, as luck would have it, we have found that we can eat a load of raw greens and have it still be delicious, too.  We used to do this in the blender, but the Vitamix makes it even better.  In fact, I can't really even tell they're in there!  Well, the bright green color does give it away--but not the taste!  Even when the smoothie is half greens.  The taste is of berries and bananas or pineapple and mango.   Its incredible.  And pretty!


  1. Hahaha. "Mmmmmm....delicious tan-colored I love thee..." That makes me laugh. And I can so relate.

  2. What's in this recipe? I'm always on the lookout for TASTY green smoothie recipes.

    1. We almost never follow a "recipe," per se. We wing it based on what's on sale, what's in the garden, etc. Lately we've been using pineapple, carrot, banana, satsumas, a dab of peanut butter, and a splash of soymilk--with about three cups of greens (we've got a blend of chard, kale, and spinach) on top. It makes a big glassful for each of us. The sweetness of the pineapple and carrot really help balance the greens, I think.

  3. I agree with you you can hardly tell that there is a green vegetable in with the smoothie.


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