Rounding Up The Honeymoon Megavacation

Zion National Park
Since it took me four months to finish sorting through the 2,000+ photos and scribbled journal entries from our Honeymoon Megavacation the posts are all spread out, blog-wise.  I've tried to refer back to them often enough now that I decided to save myself some time and just consolidate them now into a list, all in one handy place.
Bryce Canyon National Park
Day 1 Flights, Freak Trees, Seals, and a Sunset
Day 2 Oceanside, CA
Day 3 A Coaster and a Concert in Vegas
Day 4 Bachelorette Night and a Hummingbird
Day 5 Val's Wedding Day
Day 6 Angel's Landing, Zion National Park
Day 7 Pools and Narrows in Zion National Park
Day 8 Fairyland in Bryce Canyon
Day 9 A Temple of Time - Bryce Canyon National Park
Day 10 Welcome to Grand Canyon Country
Day 11 Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon
Day 12 South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon
Day 13 Homeward Bound via Route 66
Grand Canyon National Park


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