Sewing with Friends

I like to sew.  Its a wonderful creative outlet which results in objects of functional beauty in my life.
In that curious way that time flies, I've been sewing for a number of years now, too.  I undertook my first big project--my dancing cloak--in April of 2011, if memory serves.  Since that time I've made an assortment of dresses, boxer shorts, napkins, nighties, bandanas, a wallet, curtains, bags, costumes, and so on.  Not to mention mending velcro and straps and things, too.  I'm not the greatest at it, but I'm not too shabby either.  Practice, practice, practice....  I've grown in my sewing a lot, I think.
And, it seems, I have been building a reputation for myself over these past years of sewing, too.
Meagan proved to be quite good at squaring up blocks.
For a couple years now I've been the go-to for a handful of people's mending needs--hemming pants, fixing torn seams, etc.  Now, my friends are seeking me out as a sewing instructor--a position I feel woefully under-qualified for, really, but which is also quite flattering and fun.
Hannah wanted some basic how-to lessons when she was gifted a sewing machine.  We went over some patching and mending and made one pair of boxer shorts.   Meagan wanted help with some quilt blocks she'd inherited after her grandmother died.  Kelly needed a kingly robe to wear at a winter festival in Red Lodge.
And it has been so much fun, in addition to being so productive.  Hannah is sewing and mending all on her own now.  Meagan and I almost got that whole quilt top together in one day--and we need to set a date to finish it off.  Kelly has a festive robe, complete with mock fur trim to make merry in.
Are these end products perfect?  Heck no.  Look who is "teaching" them. Nothing I make is!
Meagan's Quilt, in progress
Did we all learn something?  Did we make something?  Did we have a good time with friends?  Heck yes to all three.
Hannah, ironing a waistband casing for a pair of boxer shorts.
And isn't that the bottom line?  I sure think so.
Kelly, attaching the mock fur trim.
I have no doubt I will continue to improve my techniques and know-how.  I will, hopefully, become an even better teacher as I go.  But, I am pleased to have grown this much in skill and confidence.  And, so far, no one has asked me for help that was beyond my scope.  (Wait, wait, there was the one busted zipper in my cousin's coat...)
And I am honored to be able to help others make some of their first starts into the world of sewing.  It can be overwhelming, but it opens up so many doors.  I'm so grateful to my aunts and my mom and her friends for inviting me to that first sewing retreat--for getting my ball rolling.  I am tickled to be able to pass it on.  (Even if I do feel like I am floundering sometimes as an instructor.)


  1. It's enough to know a little more than someone else, and be willing to share it. And you're having such enjoyment with your friends!

  2. At the grand old age of fifty-something I'm just starting to learn how to do patchwork! I'm a complete novice but I'm finding it's relaxing, calming and satisfying.
    Kay (in UK)

    1. Kay - I hope its coming along! Practice, practice, practice, I bet, makes a difference, but as long as you're having a relaxing, satisfying time it sounds like a winner to me!


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