Three Years Already!

At the start of the month Matt and celebrated the third anniversary of owning our own little piece of paradise--our sweet little home and our itty-bitty urban homestead.

We marked the day by treating ourselves to a spread of "special" food and drink, the sort of things we don't often splurge on.  Food is how we celebrate!
Matt started the day by cooking up some Tempeh Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast.
After we got home from work we had a little store-bought luxury snack:  Daiya jalapeno havarti-style cheese on Back to Nature spinach and roast garlic crackers.
Along with the crackers we enjoyed a fancy-pants Belgian-style pale ale called Matilda which had been aged in the bottle two years.  It was very tasty.
For dinner we had a pizza so loaded with toppings it was unreal--bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, Field Roast sausage, and Daiya mozzarella--layered, overlapping, on top of each other.
We capped off the night with my favorite alcoholic beverage of all time--Lambic, the raspberry variety.  If you haven't had this taste explosion I highly recommend it.  Its worth every penny for the happy tastebuds.  Amazing stuff.
Ginger got the cork from the bottle of lambic to add to her ball-like toy collection!  Everyone wins!
It is remarkable how quickly the time has passed since we signed the papers and sealed the deal.  There have been many, many happy hours working the soil and growing things in the garden, playing board games around the table, having campfires in the backyard, visits from friends and family, hours spent playing with Ginger, hosting dinner parties and clothes swaps, and swinging in the hammock out front.  We continue to make it ours more and more with each passing day.  It may not be perfect or shiny or new, but it is perfect for us.  We're so happy here.


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