Mega Chard, as Big As Matt's Head--Bigger, Even.

There are a lot of things to like about chard, if you ask me.  We grow it every year.  First, it is a fresh leafy green which carries us from the cool of spring through the heat of summer to the cool of autumn again, even when its friends, say, the spinach, are bolting to seed or think its too cold to continue living.  Second, the leaves get huge without getting too fibrous and tough to enjoy making them very productive.  Third, its so pretty with its rainbow colored stems and veins.  Its a very nice plant, I think.  I'll be having some on my pizza tonight, added in the final moments, just long enough to wilt.  Yuuuuummmy--and, of course, its packed with nutritional goodness, too!  That is a win, win.


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