Dragon Cycling

I've come to learn that many people think I am brave/nuts because I enjoy cycling year-round.  Largely the exclamations of shock/admiration/horror occur when it is cold, but rain is another major factor.
A springtime commute selfie

I had a realization this year though:

  • It is a thousand times crazier* to cycling when the sun is beating down and it is 90+ degrees**.  A bajillion times.

Someone left me this rock painted like candy corn while I was donating blood this summer.  
Cycling when it is 40 degrees can easily be made tolerable, heck even enjoyable.  Same with a drizzly day.  I create my own heat just from the act of cycling and I've built up a stash of dependable all-season gear.  Like those flannel-lined ice fishing pants I got at the thrift shop.  Or those killer rain pants from my dad which render me downright impervious to water.  I am cozy and dry even on a mid-winter day--if anything I struggle not to layer so well as to be too hot.

There is little to be done when it is 100 degrees though.   So I just pant and breathe like a dragon, breathing fire from my a parched little mouth all the way home.

Yesterday was the third time since 1950 that it hit 100 degrees in September here.  I rode 10+ miles.  Like a lunatic.

*or braver, if you're being charitable.
**I walk or ride the bus when the snow accumulates on the bike lane because I find that to be actually dangerous, not just cold.  I haven't yet gone full bore and gotten studded snow tires or chains for my bike.


  1. Good for you...I really wish we had bike lanes here...it's so dangerous to ride on the highway though...
    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. I am keenly aware of how lucky I am to have such a safe route! There are a couple places I'd like to cycle to (a nature area/park west of town, say) that I don't just because its along the highway and not enough shoulder for comfort.


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