Breakfast Pizza, Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Matt and I made two trip to Arizona this year--May and August.  It was at a teeny-tiny little vegan restaurant in Mesa called The Cutting Board Cafe that I learned about the awesomeness that is:  Breakfast Pizza.
I'm a pizza fan.  Huge, huge fan!  Matt and I make homemade pizza just about every Friday.  It is "our thing," an end-of-the-week tradition.  I've had Detroit Style pizza, deep-dish, stuffed crust, white pizza, pesto pizza, polenta pizza, Thai pizza, braided pizza, New York style, pizza bites and pizza bagels--plus we can't forget about spaghetti pizza bake and fruit pizza!  I've eaten pizza in at least five different countries.  But never breakfast pizza.

Why?!  How have I heard of "Breakfast Nachos" and not Breakfast Pizza?!
It is like the best parts of pizza and breakfast had a baby!  The crust is basically biscuits and gravy...but with toppings!!!  Mmmmmmmmmm....
We finally made some breakfast pizza at home last weekend and--OH--MY--GOODNESS--it was incredible.  It totally lived up to the restaurant memory/expectation that I'd built up in my mind.
At the Cutting Board cafe their pizza consists of a biscuity crust, with country gravy as the pizza sauce, smothered in an onion, tomato, potato, and tofu scramble and topped with avocado slices and cheese.  We happily replicated this winning combination of veggies and flavors at home.

It was heavenly.  I dreamed/talked about the leftovers for hours.  True story.  My mom can vouch for me.
We used our standard country gravy for the sauce and our regular biscuit recipe for the crust--though I used the lesser amount of milk so I could roll the dough out nice and thin and crust-like.

I imagine non-vegans could modify and run with it, too.  😂  And if you're ever in Mesa pop in to the Cutting Board Cafe.  It is quiet, casual, and affordable.  The staff was very friendly and the food was scrumptious.  Plus, they have board games, books, and cool art to enjoy while you wait!


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